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Unlimited Care, One Place

 Make your journey to a healthy life fun!  

Health and Wellness through Yoga

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Completely Personalized to Your Needs  

How it Works

 All-in-one solution for efficient health care and wellness

AI by health care and wellness providers for health care and wellness providers 

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Our patent-pending Radect software breaks down the barriers between healthcare and wellness. It captures and shares this knowledge using our AI engine to assess, develop and deliver content. Your are continuously monitored and adjusted to fit your preferences and fun activities. Our software makes this comprehensive and scalable that has not been possible before. While other systems provide 24/7 access, our system additionally analyzes and anticipates potential problems and proposes mitigation strategies.

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You will receive incredible yoga and wellness instructor expertise based on your abilities, choices, challenges, socioeconomic status, health conditions, mental health, community, coaching needs, and guided by a whole team of health experts.

Who are the RadectHealth team?
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Certified Yoga Instructors 
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Medical Practitioners
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Certified Fitness Instructors 

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Custom Health Care for Everyone 

Radect is programed with powerful data to give you a cutsom health care plan just for you. 

Greater Access for Professionals 

Practitioners can manage more patients without increasing their workload, freeing up more time for you!

Self-Management for Patients 

As a patient, you become an active member of your healthcare team.
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RadectHealth is...

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Radect is custom to YOU.

Let Radect help you live better by creating health care solutions that are tailored to you and your life. We are here to give you a health care plan that is proactive for your overall health. 

Become a member of your own health care team.

As a patient, you are an active part of your own health care.  Take control of your overall health with Radect Health.

For its Users.

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Compatible with Medicaid and Medicare.

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We specialize in helping diverse and aging populations get the health care they deserve.  Radect Health is funded by the  National Institution of Minority Health and Health Disparities.

Radect helps those insured by Medicare and Medicaid in Value-Based Care.

Why RadectHealth

Radect Health targets the superpower ability of tech and practitioner knowledge to impact healthcare in new ways. 

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