How it Works

It’s very simple!


The first step is to set up an account. If you don’t have an instructor, we will select one for you as one of our ambassadors. 


Your instructor will have you fill out a set of questions that measure your level of fitness, your knowledge of yoga, state of health, and so on. You will also answer additional questions, all of which are used by the instructor, guided by the Radect Health system, to create a  custom yoga program that is unique for you. No two programs are alike. 


Image by Scott Graham

All the information you provide  is private. It is only available to your instructor. You have the option of giving access to other individuals such as your doctor, family member, or any other health care professional. 

Once your program is set up, your activities are constantly monitored by Radect Health. Your instructor is kept up to date with your progress (or lack of…). You are given choices of activities, nutrition, and perhaps other programs that enhance your well-being. As you progress, adjustments are made to reflect your fitness and overall health. 

Radect Health - Infographic 2.png

Your instructor is always up to date on your activities. You will receive messages, new activities so that your routine doesn’t become just that - routine. Every so often, you will, either with your instructor or by yourself, reassess your total health just like you did when starting with Radect Health. 


Again, with Radect Health, your program in personal and customized. No two people are alike. Your activities are continuously monitored and adjusted to fit your needs and preferences. The patent-pending Radect software never stops looking looking out for you!